Is The Dark Web Illegal?

Is the dark web illegal? Is being on the dark web illegal?

Short Answer: No.

The media likes to sensationalize the dark web, Youtubers and blog writers love to use tales of the dark web as clickbait. I hate to break it to you, but the dark web isn’t as creepy as they all seem to make it out to be.

The dark web itself as well as simply visiting it, is not illegal, not here in the United States anyway. Are there websites on the dark web that engage in illegal activity? Yes, of course, there are 10 times as more of them on the regular web too, but as long as you don’t engage in those types of activities you have nothing to worry about.

Is it safe to engage in illegal activity on the dark web?

It is safer than if you did it on the surface web, but you’re not totally 100% safe. Engaging in illicit activity will get the attention of the law and they can still find you. So before you spend your precious bitcoins buying that kilo of cocaine on one of the many drug markets, think twice.

There are non-illegal websites on the dark web too!

Yes, there are a lot of harmless, non-illegal websites on the dark web. From blogs to resources sites. There are websites that are simply hiding from their own oppressive governments or people discussing unpopular opinions. There are sites that just want to have a presence on the dark web to expand their brand and not necessarily because they need to be free from censorship. You can have your own website on the dark web too – just click the banner on the right side of this website to check out a custom preconfigured mini server for sale. Then you can help add to getting rid of the clickbait stigma that all there is to see on the dark web is illegal websites.