Deep Web vs Dark Web

A lot of time you will see the terms Deep Web and Dark Web used interchangeably. This is usually your first indication that whomever you are listening to, has no idea what they are talking about. The deep web is very different from the dark web.

The dark web, simply put, is a collection of websites accessible only through a special network, with a special browser. You can read more about that here; What Is The Dark Web?

The deep web on the other hand, are all the websites or rather portions of websites, that are not indexed in search engines and cannot be accessed with any browser freely. It consists of all the password protected areas, closed networks, and other restricted areas of the internet.

For example, when you go to your bank’s website, the first page you land on is on the surface web. But as soon as you login in, everything behind that password restricted wall is on the deep web. When you go to your favorite social media site, everything before you have to put in your password is the surface web, everything after is the deep web.

It’s not very interesting stuff, well, not unless you’re a cyber criminal. But there is the difference. Not a very long post just quick and to the point.